Fiberglass Pools – More Versatile Than Cement Pool

Fiberglass pools are typically put in the ground. They are already shaped from the factory and are actually sunk in the ground the results are stunning and it is very hard to detect that these are pre fabricated in ground pools. Most in ground pools are dug out and then built with concrete and then either tiled or finished with another material.

Of course because fiberglass pools last twice as long as any other type of pool, they are much more expensive than a concrete or vinyl lined pool. They start at around thirty thousand dollars for the most basic model, but the fact that they require zero maintenance which also may offset some of the cost over time. Most of them come with a twenty five year warranty. They are also non porous so they do not absorb the chemicals that are used to keep the pool clean, resulting in the use of less chemicals. These pools are also pet friendly and do not tear, crack, peel or are afflicted with any of the other common maladies associated with cement pools; they also have a much longer expected use life; they never require to be re-surfaced.

Installing these pools takes around five to seven days total. Installing this type of pool requires that a hole be dug for the pre fabricated pool to be placed in, once the pool is fitted in the hole, than usually a four foot or so area is concreted or tiled surrounding the pool. Most installation options include all the plumbing work as well to include the drains, water pump and filtration system. Overall, these pools only take one tenth of the time a conventional in ground pool takes to install.

They are typically favored in colder climates that have shorter swim seasons because these pools are more durable when it comes to weather changes. Cement in ground pools tend to crack when the temperature variant is high, going from hot to very cold, they can easily transition from one extreme to another with no wear at all.

Fiberglass pools may be more expensive but in certain areas of the country they may make the best sense. The difference in the cost will be realized over time in the shape of reduced repair costs. Especially in the colder regions – when a cement pool cracks and has to be repaired – this may take a couple of weeks of precious swim time away. The swim seasons are shorter in the colder regions of the country so giving up those couple of weeks to repairs can be really disappointing.

Most people think of the cement variety of pools, but the fiberglass alternative is just as effective and easier to take care of. Fiberglass pools are slowly gaining in popularity because of their easy of maintenance, and because they can be installed in more locations than your standard cement varieties.

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